Jolly Day Out Bumper


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Designed for safety, this Cot Bumper has an integral pocket system that slips under the mattress and keeps the bumper securely and firmly in place so as to protect your baby’s head from any bumps in the night. For added security, we have used a special Velcro fastening system that attaches to the side rails of the cot without using long ribbons and ties. This Cot Bumper fits both standard cots and cot beds.

• Suitable for cots and cot beds. Approximate size 243cm x 34cm
• Clever strip Velcro fastening system designed to attach safely to the cot or cot bed sides and not to the top rail
• Suitable from birth until approximately 6 months when the child can sit unaided
• Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards
• Machine washable